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What Has She Done To Her Face? Top Docs Analyze Just How Much Work Kim Kardashian Has Had Done

Though Kim Kardashian has denied having Kim Kardashian sextape any extensive work done in the past, fans cant ignore her obvious transformation from Persian princess to plastic reality television queen. Now, experts tell RadarOnline.com exclusively that its clear shes had some work done! PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Wears Cut-Out LBD To Yeezus Show It appears to me Kims had quite a bit of work done some shes admitted to, and some we can speculate about. Indeed, she copped to having Botox done as far back as 2010and Dr. Youn who has not treated Kardashian says that the results are obvious. I believe shes undergone Botox injections to smooth the wrinkles of her forehead and her frown lines, Dr. Youn said. Although I doubt shes had a surgical brow lift, she looks like shes had a Botox brow lift , where Botox is injected in a pattern to raise and arch the brows. PHOTOS: Stars In Their 30s Who Have Gotten Plastic Surgery In addition, Dr.
More: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/02/kim-kardashian-plastic-surgery-addict-experts/

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